Antonio is jealous of his wife Clara and follows her everywhere; one day he sees her walking with a man on the street. He immediately becomes convinced that they went together to the movies (instead they went separate ways). Blinded by jealousy, Antonio wants to enter in the cinema hall and make a killing; but the director of the cinema stops him, and goes into the cinema room saying: "Outside a husband is waiting for his unfaithful wife to come out and kill her. Please, those of you who do not have a clear conscience, go to the emergency exit." In a moment almost all the spectators disappear. The video is a copy from the film print held by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and previously restored by the EYE Filmmuseum: 35 mm, positive, acetate, 152 m, 8' at 18 fps, colour (Desmetcolor), Dutch intertitles, silent.

CollectionMuseo Nazionale del Cinema
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