“Una partita a scacchi” is a small jewel of a suspense and psychological tension. Almost all the story takes place inside a train wagon, yet the rhythm and tension never go down. Also thanks to the two main roles: Antonio Grisanti, convincing and disturbing weirdie and Febo Mari, a “d’annunziano” actor who gives us one of his most convincing performances here. The script, in its simplicity, is valued by a very modern use of the cross cutting. The scenes showing the house of the insane people are subtly disturbing too. Mari, in this case the victim of a madman, will perform the role of a madman instead in the ending of “Il fuoco” (Itala, 1915), perhaps one of this most famous film together with “Cenere” (Ambrosio, 1916). The video is a copy from the film print held by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and previously restored by the EYE Filmmuseum: 35 mm, positive, acetate, 172 m, 8’ at 18 fps, colour (Desmetcolor), French intertitles, silent.

CreatorMaggi, Luigi (Search Europeana for this person)
CollectionMuseo Nazionale del Cinema
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