Interview with Hamilton Williams about his life in St Vincent and in England. There is background noise throughout the interview, and the interviewee is often difficult to hear. [00:00:] Working in St Vincent as a teacher, then in the police force; emigration to England; difference between expectations and reality; poor treatment of West Indians by English people; boat journey to England, possibly on the SS Ascania. [04:10:] Getting together with others from St Vincent after he moved to England, especially to celebrate holidays; his marriage; renting room in Hackney from Jamaican landlord. [06:40:] Working with the General Post Office (GPO) as security staff; working at the King Edward building, the chief sorting office and headquarters in Central London; low pay. [09:20:] Experiencing racism at work, especially once he became a supervisor; challenges of managing staff and allocating shifts; being accused of showing favouritism to Black employees. [15:40:] Whistle issued to him by the GPO; his duties as security staff and risks involved; his uniform. [18:15:] Story of most hurtful racial attack on him, being spat on by passer-by while children were with him. [20:15:] Being mistreated by landlords; friction with other tenants; getting his own council flat; finally buying own house. [23:30:] Return to St Vincent in the 1980s; own home built in St Vincent; his work as a pastor in St Vincent; his wife's death in 2016; reflections on his life, his accomplishments and contributions. [26:20:] Lack of respect shown by British people; problems with youths; desire to return to St Vincent; his message to next generation.

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