Great painter Nikolaos Gyzis had strong religious and metaphysical feelings and questions in the latter part of his life. It is in this context that the magnificent, transcendental work on the Second Coming was born. The artist did many studies in preparation for this work. Some of them, verging on the abstract, their protagonist being the light, are on display adjacent to this work. Christ appears on the throne, illuminated against a golden-purple background. Golden clouds form homocentric circles around him. Golden rays emanate from the figure of Christ across the entire work. The Coming of the Saviour is heralded by four angels with trumpets, while Archangel Gabriel is flying above on the top of the composition. Myriads of angels are kneeling on the great staircase which frames the scene, leading to Christ, celebrating his coming. The work is also inspired by the Apocalypse of St John, but Gyzis, as he wrote in a letter, did not see Christ as a punisher and avenger, but as a sweet god who came to bring to the world light, salvation and comfort.

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